Sunday, April 6, 2008

Salon Kitty (1976)


Women who proclaim their love of National Socialism, and enforce strong support for the F├╝hrer, Hitler are recruited by SS Officer Wallenburg and his subordinates to entertain SS troops with decadent displays of sexual acrobatics and constant stimulation to help increase resolve among those discouraged by the tedious battle.

To further convince Wallenburg and his counterparts of their desire to do anything imaginable for the sake of the National Socialist movement. The women are asked to perform various tasks to prove their loyalty before they progress.

First they are filmed participating in various forms of coitus with SS Troops before being placed into cells where they are forced to copulate with men considered very undesirable to the master race. (The likes of gypsies, amputees, concentration camp victims, etc.) Some girls are more then willing to participate in such deviant acts, while others make unsuccessful attempts to flee from their cell mates.


Wallenburg's plan includes the involvement of the successful Madam (Kitty), who is forced to make drastic changes to her establishment and the girls she employs. At Wallenburg's request, her current girls are replaced by his hand picked Aryan female subordinates, whom Kitty is assigned the task of training to become professional call girls.

Before the re-opening of the Salon, Wallenburg has every room in the brothel bugged, so that spies can secretly record the goings on in each room. The newly appointed girls are also required to write status reports on each man they entertain. The men who visit Madam Kitty's are appointed to various ranks and positions in the Third Reich, making any dirt uncovered by the secret operation that much more powerful. Some men unknowingly divulge potentially life changing information, including their true feelings about the war and National Socialism.

Caught in the cross hairs of such a devious plot for power, fellow call girl Margherita (whom Wallenburg has an infatuation for) happens to fall for one of her male suitors, who's plan for treason result in his untimely demise. (Even with Margherita going to great lengths to conceal his secret by falsifying her report for Wallenburg.)

After her lover is killed when news of his attempts to switch sides in the war is leaked to Wallenburg. Margherita seeks revenge against Wallenburg with intentions of beating him at his own game and forging an alliance with Madam Kitty, who also seeks retribution after numerous tragedies befall some of her girls and clients.

Will the embittered pair manage to unravel Wallenburg's corrupt plans for power without being discovered? Just watch and see....

In Conclusion:

Underneath a guise of decadence lies a very well made film. Some of its content will be off putting to those who are easily offended.

I thoroughly enjoyed both the visuals and the musical numbers, which I found to be quite catchy.

Highly Recommended!

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