Saturday, March 29, 2008

Exorcism (1979)


Defrocked priest and recent asylum escapee (Vogul) makes a living by writing tawdry tales of depravity for a local sex publication, Dagger & Garter weekly. When turning in a manuscript for his latest story, he becomes infatuated with magazine secretary, Anne. Whom he overhears discussing plans for a black mass with the magazine's editor (Franval).

What Vogul does not know is that the magazine throws elaborate parties for it's rich & pervy clientele, who's taste for the unusual encourages Anne and her lesbian lover to enact staged satanic rituals for their receptive audience, who whipped into a sexual frenzy help themselves to various hedonistic activities. (aka orgy)

Convinced that true demonic behaviour is taking place, Vogul decides that the imposing influence of the lord is necessary to ward off the devil. So he begins to strategically target certain individuals (usually female) involved with the black masses in an attempt to purify them with his trusty blade.

A mounting body count, displaying the same methods of butchery lead a certain detective to theorize about the murderous sadist involved. He concludes that the methods of torture resembled strategies used by the Inquisition when attempting to exorcise a possessed individual. The same occurances also play out in several "fictional" tales published in Dagger & Garter magazine.

Can the authorities stop Vogul, before he continues his misguided rampage against those he claims to be bewitched? Or will all deviants involved with the staged black masses feel the wrath of Vogul's "Sword of the lord."

In Conclusion:

There are many picture jumps & color shifts that may prove distracting for some viewers. The various changes can only hint at just how many changes the film has endured over the years. (Like many Franco titles, many cuts and versions baring various titles exist.)

The minor distractions really did not affect my viewing experience, I found that at every turn there was some beautiful nude woman to enjoy (Franco regulars, real life companion Lina Romay & Monica Swinn most notable as The Directress from Barbed Wire Dolls) as always have no problem displaying their various attributes regardless of the scenario.

And much like, Barbed Wire Dolls the film has a very off kilter, abrupt ending that if properly fleshed out could have only heightened the whole experience.

Worth a rental if an individual is unfamiliar with Franco's brand of exploitation. (I also thought that Synapses reversible dvd cover was a pretty neat idea.)

Screen Captures: (Please note: all screen captures are taken by me. Please, give me credit if you intend to use them.)

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I want to bugger Lina Romay (as the bird was in 1972 when the bird was 18, not as the bird is now obviously).