Sunday, March 9, 2008

Satan's Blood (1978)

Review :

A young gullible couple (Andy & Annie) foolishly accompany two eccentric lovers (Bruno & Berta) back to their home for drinks. (After Bruno manages to convince a skeptical Andy of their previous friendship in College.)

On their arrival at a looming estate, located off the main road in a remote location. The couples overwhelming feelings of apprehension do little to hinder the two from following their strange hosts inside to discover interior adornments that consist of ceremonial paraphernalia and an extensive library on the occult.

The topic of the supernatural is discussed, before the foursome curiously decide to use the assistance of a Ouija board to communicate with the beyond. An encounter with a malevolent spirit during their seemingly helpless party game, causes turmoil among the couples when acts of infidelity and distrust are divulged. The experience proves to be too overwhelming for Bruno & Berta's guests, who try to no avail to leave the premises.

Each time the helpless couple is faced with a convenient situation (thunderstorm, faulty automobiles, etc.) or bouts of outright stupidity that only continue to halt any attempts for departure.

Will Andy & Annie persevere and live to regret their nightmare weekend? Or will they succumb to the corrupting influence of their party hosts and be condemned to an existence ruled by an allegiance to a malevolent cause?

In Conclusion:

Our young naive couple provides myriad wtf moments as the viewer is forced to watch slack-jawed in disbelief at their outright stupidity. Most people would not return to a place stricken with madness because they forgot their purse. Or ignore the frustration of finding their car in a state of disrepair because their stomach was rumbling.

I found myself at times just shouting at the television screen, "Goddammit, just leave!" to no avail. Yet despite the air-headed lead characters, the movie does have a certain charm and atmosphere that cannot be denied. I still found myself really enjoying the movie despite its flaws.

Thankfully the title is available for your viewing pleasure in both dubbed (the dubbed version is actually pretty decent, compared to previous Mondo Macabro titles.) and subtitled versions. To those unsure about an immediate purchase, this would prove to be a worthy rental.

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