Monday, March 17, 2008

Dark Waters (1994)


Unexplained events occur at a Convent, leading to the demise of several of its spiritual inhabitants. A priest is impaled through the throat by a crucifix as the church around him is completely enveloped by water. A fellow nun also meets her demise, as she is pushed off a cliff by an unknown force to the jagged rocks below, clutching an amulet engraved with the image of an ancient beast.

20 years after the atrocities occurred, a young woman (Elizabeth) ventures out to the mysterious island where the Convent is contained. Her father's recent demise results in his remaining estate being left for her to manage. She uncovers records of his monetary endeavors and discovers that he had been making monthly payments to help sustain the Convent's crumbling infrastructure.

Elizabeth arrives on the island with plans to discuss the financial situation of the convent with the mother superior. There she is confronted by an ambiguous sect of self-flagellating nuns that succumb to murderous compulsions when not roaming the island brandishing burning crucifixes. With fellow fledgling nun, Sarah as her only companion (albeit a suspicious one).

Elizabeth roams the island, her various encounters with its residents allude to a previous existence at the Convent, before she was moved to the United Kingdom by her father when she was 7. Her fleeting memories only further disturb her when she endures unnerving hallucinations in sleep of a forsaken evil that lurks in the confines of the religious community.

Will Elizabeth escape the hordes of murderous nuns, or will the beast inside consume her as her past is slowly revealed?

In Conclusion:

Between the disorienting musical score, and the blasphemous dreamscapes exuding oppressive creepiness. I cannot decide which messed with my head more.

I love the movie, and it's dashes of Lovecraftian terror. Need I also mention (The NoShame 2-Disc Special Edition, released last year is superb! Worthy of a purchase for the stone amulet alone.)

Screen Captures: (Please note, all screen caps are taken by me. Give me credit if you intend to use them.)

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