Monday, November 24, 2008

Flower & Snake (1974)


Businessman Makoto, forever traumatized by events that occurred when he was a child, is rendered impotent and is unable to have casual sex with a female. His doting mother who he happens to reside with, only aids in her son's impairment by filming pornographic bondage films in their basement.

Senzo, the owner of the company Makoto works for, happens to request the services of his young employee, when he finds explicit photos of women in various stages of bondage at his desk. Discontent with his own marriage and his inability to have relations with his beautiful, prideful wife Shizuko. Senzo asks Makoto to train his wife in the art of submission, so she would bend to his every command, rather then force him to take his sexual frustrations out on the maid.

Senzo puts sleeping pills in Shizuko's drink, rendering her incapable of fighting off Makoto's advances.

What is in store for the unfortunate Shizuko is a plethora of fetish staples, including Shibari, enemas, and other various perversities.

Will she become the wife that Senzo desires, or is her will too strong to break?

You will be amazed at the various depraved relationships that unfold before your eyes.

In Conclusion:

Oh, my what a pervy film! For those unfamiliar with another sub-genre of Pink film, known as the "Roman Porno", this is an example of such film. A low-budget Japanese film that tends to focus more on sex.

This film also helped film distribution company "Nikkatsu" from going completely bankrupt.

For those that love their smut as much as I do, this would make a worthy purchase.

Screen Captures: (All screen caps are taken by me, please do not use without my permission.)

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