Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Love Me Deadly (1973)


She lingers in the back row of the funeral home, waiting for her chance to caress the embalmed, cold flesh of the dead cradled in their coffins. She knows nothing about the deceased or their grieving families, all she knows is that her lust for the dead is too great to be denied.

Her corpse fetish may derive its potency from her deceased father, with whom she shared a rather odd relationship with. As a kid her father treated her more like a lover then a child. Their bond was so strong that once he passed away, Lindsey could not help but become fixated with his corpse. Her inability to have a normal relationship with various potential suitors, only exacerbates the situation, when she finds herself unable to become intimate with them.

One day after having a random encounter at a funeral parlor she finds herself interested in a living man (Alex), who's uncanny resemblance to her late father leads her to lust secretly after him. His mutual interest in her leads the two to form a seemingly normal relationship. Yet, Lindsey still cannot give up her compulsion to visit the funeral home, where the owner of the establishment (Fred) begins to notice an increase in her attendance.

A fellow necrophile himself, he offers to invite Lindsey to join a special group of individuals that happen to share in her affinity for the dead. Little does she know that the group happens to be a gaggle of devil worshiping deviants who kill their playmates before partaking in sexual acts with their corpses.

Will Lindsey ever allow herself to have a normal relationship with Alex, or will she be "Forever doomed to love only the dead?"

Just watch and see.

In Conclusion:

If Lifetime Television for Women where around in the 70s and happened to produce a sleazy film about Necrophilia, Love Me Deadly would be that film. There are many moments filled with unnecessary melodrama, yet at the same time the movie has such great atmosphere.

Despite the sappy romance, there is still a lot of distasteful subject matter taking place.
I really enjoyed the film, and after multiple viewings I find myself liking it even more. Don't let the Lifetime comment dishearten you, you'll still be in for a unique viewing experience.

It's also interesting to note that this film pre-dates other notorious corpse love films, such as (Nekromantik 1 & 2, Lucker The Necrophageous, and Kissed)
Not bad for 1973.

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