Friday, March 27, 2009

Assault! Jack The Ripper (1976)


When the unlikely duo of a temperamental coffee shop waitress and her cohort a meek pastry chef. Accidentally kill a deranged hitchhiker with their car. The pair is left with no option, but to conceal the body. Equally traumatized and titilated by their acts, the two return to the girl's apartment where they partake in passionate carnal lust. Each take turns reliving the events that transpired.

Now smitten with the pastry chef, the girl attempts to have sex with her partner in crime once more, only to find that without the act of murder on their minds they cannot relive the spark of passion. Which fuels their perverse sexual games, as she begins to encourage her lover to partake in the more unsavory enterprise of butchery as a new kind of aphrodisiac.

What she eventually discovers is that the act of killing becomes more of a compulsion to her accomplice, who slowly begins to lose control of his murderous impulses.

Make way for numerous crotch stabbings!

In Conclusion:

The film is a trashy good time, with an over abundance of softcore and nudity. The violence although not as explicit is still very mean spirited and makes one clutch their nether regions, after seeing ample scenes of forced knife penetrations.

And for some reason, after viewing this film..I wanted a slice of cake after watching the opening credits as the pastry chef decorates a tasty look wedding cake.


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