Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970)


When a treasured pair of earrings, received from her deceased mother lead to the sexual awakening of 13 year old Valerie. She discovers a magical world, filled with secrets and new experiences that she could never have imagined in her wildest dreams.

Valerie lives with her pious granny, who has more then her share of undisclosed secrets and desires, as she lusts for a fellow priest, who spurns her advances sending the woman into fits of sadomasochistic flagellation.
She can only conceal her sins, and encouraged Valerie to follow the same virtuous path her mother followed by becoming a nun.

One day while sleeping, a man, known only as "Eagle" takes Valerie's beloved earrings at the request of his ghoulish father, the Constable. The corrupt officer is now on the prowl for the treasures after finding that they possess magical powers that he could use to his benefit.

The Constable grows rather irate after finding that Eagle returns the earrings, as a ploy for Valerie's devotion. Leaving him with no choice but to subject his offspring to various tortures.

After receiving a note from Eagle, Valerie goes in search of the mysterious man, finding him chained up to a water fountain in the middle of town square. Unaware that the Constable is watching their every move.

He has plans to enlist the aid of Valerie's grandmother, who's veiled yearnings for youth and beauty entice her to give her home and Valerie to the Constable.
Once granting her wish, she and the ghastly lover begin to share a mutual thirst for blood and perversion.

This is where a child's fairy tale fantasy starts to go terribly wrong.

In Conclusion:

There is so many things to love about this film. The beautiful visuals, ornate with color and architecture. The waves of allure matched only by the eerie flashes of the grotesque.

I love, love, LOVE..this movie.
I hope that other Czech films will make their way to region 1 dvd!
Highly recommended!

Screen Captures: (All screen caps are taken by me, please do not use without my permission! Thank you)


Colonel Moustachio said...


Im so glad i found & click' your blog. Really really like this one. Do you know the Cinefamily guys? Seems like you would be an excellent guest programmer.

Thanks! -CM

Toxaemia said...

No, i'm not familiar with them. Do they have a blog as well?

Thank you for the compliments!

Colonel Moustachio said...

Mmmm, its an actual theater in Los Angeles. I just assumed you where local for some reason...i guess Columbus, OH is local, more local than the moon.

Here they are:

Do you compile any 'must see' lists?. I suppose your site is one of sorts.

My Pleasure; I will be checking it regularly.


Colonel Moustachio said...

Do you know of Maya Deren?

Here is a very nice piece someone put together - stills with Maya speaking over.

Also, be sure to watch her 'Meshes (of the afternoon'. That is if your not already familiar with her.


Toxaemia said...

How fascinating! I am really intrigued. I always love learning about unfamiliar film makers and their films.

Thank you for the links.