Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sexy Battle Girls (1986)


Mirai has been training for revenge since her mother ran off with the principal of an all girls private school. With her scorned father hell bent on honing the young girl's secret, special ability, know as "Venus Crush", he also requires his daughter to wear a chastity belt, because any vaginal penetration from a regular man would result in impotence. So training via crushing various produce is encouraged.

After a sexual mishap at Mirai's previous co-ed school, she is sent to the very same private school, housing the lecherous headmaster, Bush. The man responsible for breaking up her family.

Not only is the school overrun by a corrupt staff (using the school to run a secret prostition ring for politicians), Mirai also quickly attracts attention from fellow class mate and delinquent, Susan (who much like Mirai, has her own special ability, know as "Ninja Pen". Giving her the ability to throw mechanical pencils.)

Susan happens to encounter one of the shadey characters lurking around the school. A repugnant, truancy officer with a fixation for vaginal secretions, finds Susan stealing pencils and black mails her into sleeping with him. And lets say the gooey encounter ends with Susan besting the officer by running off with his cash.

Susan's personal triumph, however, is short lived, when she finds out first hand how they break in girls for their secret sex ring.

Now it's upto Mirai to dole out some necessary justice!

In Conclusion :

This deranged sex farce, is definately in a league of it's own.

Only the Japanese could think of something this weird :-P

Screen Captures: (All Screen Caps are taken by me, please do not use without my permission.)

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