Saturday, June 27, 2009

S&M Hunter (1986)


When the services of illustrious rope master, S&M Hunter are requested by a bereft man (Joe), seeking the whereabouts of his abducted lover. Joe can only conclude that the female gang, "The Bombers" are somehow responsible for his partners disappearance.

Joe unknowingly joins forces with the rather odd trio. S&M Hunter, his Dungeon Master and their helpful assistant, Maria as they infiltrate the voracious gang's hideout.

S&M Hunter assures Joe of Jack's liberation from the gang's clutches, but only before he takes his time to show the girls "the ropes."

In Conclusion :

It was refreshing to see how the gender roles have reversed slightly in this film. Rather then the usual helpless female being subjected to various sexual exploits. We instead have a rather attractive man, being forced to perform for his insistent captors, who are ready to mount him at any moment.

The scenes of Kinbaku are amazing. I throughly enjoyed seeing the various female gang members, being tied up in various configurations, where they are brought to the peak of pleasure by S&M Hunter.

From intricate webs of rope, cutting into soft flesh. Vengeful, chain weilding foes in nazi garb. And heaps of hilariously offensive jokes.

S&M Hunter is a glorious viewing experience!
Highly recommended!

Screen Captures: (All Screen Caps are taken by me, please do not use without my permission.)

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