Thursday, June 4, 2009

Entrails Of A Virgin (1986)


When a steamy photo shoot in the mountains ends with a dense, ominous fog too thick to drive through, the photographer and his entourage are forced to seek shelter in an seemingly abandoned warehouse.

The photographer has a preoccupation with bedding every female model present on his shoots. And his recently scorned helper, is later reduced to a sexual frenzy, where she attempts to copulate with corpses, severed limbs, and even attempts to fellate an tree. (Oh, the desperation!)

As the crew attempt to get their sexual kicks they are unaware that an inhuman monster, with a large rubber phallus, lurks in the woods waiting for an opportunity to claim his next victim.

Prepare yourself for panty sniffing, excreting body fluids and all the softcore sex one could ask for!

In Conclusion :

This is definitely a party flick, where the viewer can successfully keep their hands placed on their nether regions while the brainless fun unfolds before their eyes. The movie also has a rather quick pace, and is littered with sex scenes throughout, so my fellow pervs will not have to wait long for the appearance of skin.

Although, it is known that both Entrails films have optical fogging, due to Japanese hygiene laws regarding the appearance of pubic hair. Regardless, there are many scenes that retain their amorous glory.

I recommend this exercise in bad taste to all who enjoy the perverse and absurd.

Screen Captures: (All Screen Caps are taken by me, please do not use without my permission.)


Colonel Moustachio said...

Hmmm, having worked in XXX & SFX this brings back high school memories.

Like this one time we had to make a foot long clitoris and a......


Toxaemia said...

Do you have any photographic evidence of this? I would love to see it.

I'm sure you have a lot of interesting stories to tell.
I'm jealous :P

Colonel Moustachio said...

Evidence no, just my squishy brain.

It would have come out a long time ago, around the time of 'Society' (indy horror film), early 90's.

I just stumlbed across this, you might dig it too: