Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Entrails Of A Beautiful Woman (1986)


When a delirious, half nude girl stumbles into Yoshimi's aquarium clinic, the nurse discovers through the process of hypnosis that the girl was drugged and repeatedly raped by the Ichiyama Clan.

While searching for her sister( who was conned into a money laundering scheme by her lover Higashi, then later sold into the slave trade in Manilla) The girl is lured to a secluded warehouse, with Higashi's promise of revealing her sister's whereabouts. Expectedly, rather then inform the girl, he has her injected with the potent aphrodisiac "Angel Rain" before she is repeatedly raped by the Clan.

The nameless girl barely escapes with her life, and arrives at the Clinic still under the influence of the drug, which later is the cause of her suicide.

Guilt ridden by the turn of events, Yoshimi uses the deceased girl's name and targets the Ichiyama Clan.

In Conclusion :

I personally found this movie to be far more entertaining then the first Entrails entry.
We have mutant nurses with demonic phalluses, perverse sex and plenty of grue for your enjoyment.

Highly recommended!

Screen Captures: (All Screen Caps are taken by me, please do not use without my permission.)


Colonel Moustachio said...

Funny, i just looked a yer website and saw the George post. He's the one that did the clit thing. Wow those are early 90's pic's, the top pic (Big Trouble) was the main entry doorway, at the time the studio was in Sun Valley Ca..

As far as i know, he returned to Japan a couple of years ago.

You ever heard his band? Cant remember the name.....from what i saw it was a bloody mess (literally).

Toxaemia said...

The mad, I think is the name. Unfortunately it seems anything by them is hard to come by.

I long for a live dvd.

Colonel Moustachio said...

A quick google search turned up a bunch of stuff, including a couple of Youtube videos.

Actually those look like late 80's pics. I heard he trashed a lot of cool stuff when he moved. That's pretty normal though, since foam rots and storage is finite. But I heard he trashed some really cool stuff, & people did yonk'd it.

The video he showed me was him on stage with, I think an Eye ball girl, and then he castrated himself and sprayed fake blood everywhere, everywhere, all over the audience, I guess kinda like a GG show, with out the tetnus shot or like SRL without getting a beebee in your eye.