Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bare Behind Bars (1980)


This female dominated establishment, harbors lustful inmates and personnel. A select few are inducted into the sex trade, where they can leave the confines of their prison cells. While others are left to endure intensive cavity searches and molestation from the sex starved staff. The girl's are also taught to renounce their given names, instead they can only answer to their uniform number. (Speaking, of uniforms, or lack thereof, the girl's are pantyless, clad only in a buttoned up dress shirts, with their numbers emblazoned on the back.)

Upon incarceration, each girl is put through intrusive cavity searches, by the untrained, yet well intentioned Nurse Barbara. (who's cravings for ether, make her a little bit kooky.) During her free time, Barbara likes to pleasure certain inmates with her plethora of toys.

Many have attempted to escape, the girl's efforts usually end in death and their battered bodies are disposed of in the overcrowded prison cemetery. Although things begin to change when inmate # 578 arrives. #578 and her fellow cell mates begin to strategically target certain staff members. While one girl conspires with Nurse Barbara, #578 distracts the warden with exhaustive, sexual aerobics.

Sylvia the Warden becomes quite enamored with her insatiable partner, and promises to give the girl anything she desires. #578 decides to request a holiday mass, allowing the girls the perfect opportunity to escape.

Prepare yourselves for girl fights, ruler lashings and lesbian trysts in varying degrees of explicitness!


In Conclusion :

This memorable trash venture, has everything a fan of Women In Prison films could ever want.

There are both straight and lesbian hardcore sex scenes for the viewer to enjoy. (Even though some of the male participants are less then visually pleasing.) And comedic relief compliments of the wacked out Nurse Barbara (a prolific beauty queen in the 60s, with a slight resemblance to Marilyn Monroe) and if you wait long enough, you will be rewarded with some pretty impressive gore.

High reccomended

(also note: This Blue Underground title is now Out Of Print, so if you see it for a good price, do not hesitate to snatch it up!)

Screen Captures: (All Screen Caps are taken by me, please do not use without my permission.)

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