Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rubber's Lover (1996)


A secret organization tests the effects of ether and their newly invented D.D.D device (Digital Direct Drive) on unwilling human participants. A dilemma occurs when the unauthorized testing yeilds little results, and quickly renders any test subject useless, when high doses of ether and torture cause the person to eventually explode.

The human subjects are wraped in plastic, cutting off their ability to take in oxygen, which inturn reduces brain function, allowing for the ideal state for testing the D.D.D device, which is mounted on the subject's head.

Shimika one of the main researchers for D.D.D is being secretly injected with a sedative to increase his body's tolernace for ether, which his corrupt business partner Motomiya injects into his colleage in vast amounts.

The corporation responsible for funding the scientists research, sends an employee (the newly engaged Kiko) to collect final data from Shimika before informing the men that their funding is being terminated, and they are also being evicted from their testing facility.

With little time left for research, Motomiya decides to kick things into high gear.

Now Shimika is about to find out first hand, the painful side effects of his experiments.

In Conclusion :

There is a lot of visual interest; Hypnotic imagery, cold robotic perversions, black blood and elaborate mechanical torture devices.
All this unfolds with a droney, haze of industrial music playing in the backround.

Talk about "Mind-blowing" entertainment!

Screen Captures: (All Screen Caps are taken by me, please do not use without my permission.)


Colonel Moustachio said...


Long time no browse - work has been busy. Im so siked your hammmering away still. 6 followers and no comments WTF! Love the dedication - is this personal or part of a larger project?

If you ever get around to it...$eriously, I would pay to for a comp of your "must see favorites", I <3 bootlegs!

Keep up the great job. I'm always looking forward to your finds, reviews and of course, your choice screencaps!


Toxaemia said...

It's personal :P.
I watch so many different kinds of movies, I figured maybe having a female perspective on certain films would be interesting. (Mainly the erotica & sexploitation)

I'm happy that you enjoy my posts!

I'll make a list for ya, and post it in the comments section when I get a chance ^.^

Colonel Moustachio said...

Cool! Totally looking forward to it! I'm looking forward to tracking em down, good thing there are a handful of really excellent video stores near me.

A new female friend of mine is total lil horror hound, Im going to turn her on to you. Do you twitter?


Toxaemia said...

The only bootleg I have is for a Japanese film called, Tumbling Doll Of Flesh. (This really vile, misogynistic film. With hardcore moments, that are unfortunately covered by optical fogging.)

This is a list of everything and anything I could think of :P

-Eating Raoul
-The Road To Wellville
-Fantastic Planet
-Fritz The Cat
-This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse
-Blind Beast
-Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh
-Dark Waters (1993)
-Female Prisoner # 701: Scorpion
-Mondo Cane
-Goodbye Uncle Tom
-Holy Mountain
-Viva La Muerte
-Phenomena (1985)
-Salon Kitty
-School Of The Holy Beast
-Singapore Sling
-Star Of David: Hunting For Beautiful Girls
-Lisa And The Devil
-Black Sabbath
-The Story Of O

(Looks like there will be a part 2 of this list, coz now I'm drawing a blank.)

I'm out of the loop, I don't twitter :(

Colonel Moustachio said...
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Colonel Moustachio said...


Totally into the list - know some, totally in the dark on others :P

I really enjoy the way you approach and express your opions on these films. Your brief lead-in for "Tumbling Doll Of Flesh", had me wishing i had a machine to trasport bootleg dvd's...or turn baboons inside-out.

Have you read:

Men, Women and Chainsaws - Carol Clover?
Dangerous Relationships - Diana Russell?

If not, possibly interesting for you and your prediliction for perversion.


Toxaemia said...

Damn! Our public library does not carry either titles. So it looks like I will have to purchase them myself (Men, Women and Chainsaws, especially.)

I've never had an issue with misogyny, perhaps because I have an aversion to my own gender :-P

Anyway, I've thought up some more film titles:

-The Spiral Staircase
-Daughter of Darkness (1948)
-Possession (1981)
-A (Dir. Tatsuya Mori)
-Women Of The World
-Horrors of Malformed Men
-In The Realm Of The Senses
-Ed and His Dead Mother