Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Female Prisoner:Caged (1983)


This lurid tale of depravity, begins in the confines of a woman's prison. Our sympathetic heroine, Masayo's plans for escape are once again foiled by her crafty captors. Although, the prison director decides to postpone any immediate punishment for the girl, after she concocts a more bestial penance.

The rest of the populace go about their daily chores, their girlish quirkiness only briefly obscure their true carnal yearnings. One girl's frequent visits to the infirmary are found to be a mere guise for her marathon masturbation sessions. Women writhe in the fields, pleasuring themselves with garden tools. And they form willing, walls of flesh when in the presence of testosterone fueled construction workers.

The prison staff are also guilty of delinquent acts.The main warden, Kishiko engages in secret liaisons with the prison chaplain, but is discovered by Masayo, who finds another girl sneaking peeks while the duo participate in sex games. (Masayo uses this to her advantage, when she decides that her next visit with her beloved should be of the conjugal variety.)

Masayo's resolve and admiration from her fellow inmates, make her a worthy adversary for the prison director. Who has a rather objectionable plan for her young rival.

That being, R-A-P-E, Rape and more rape.

In Conclusion:

This film has a rather overwhelming somber tone. Despite the constant displays of copulation, from those consenting and not. I just could not shake the ending, which is indeterminate. Does Masayo escape unscathed to be reunited with her lover, or will she be hunted and inevitably destroyed by her bloodthirsty pursuers? All the viewer is left with is a smiling Masayo and endless possibilities for her fate.

The continual appearance of various body fluids (that being semen & urine), add to the gross out factor. Yet it was still deemed necessary to optically fog one of the very few consensual sex scenes. (Do not fear, this only occurs one time in the film.)

Smut fiends will be pleased, by the copious amounts of sex and skin. More sensitive viewers will be assumably offended by the myriad scenes of rape and misogyny.

Nonetheless, this film would make for a memorable viewing experience. Even if you are left with the undeniable need to shower after watching.

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Phantom of Pulp said...

Much to recommend here. A little repetititve at times, but the anarchic sexuality on display is truly wonderful.