Friday, October 1, 2010

Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter (1970)


A group of teenage hellcats; Yuka, Peko, Mari, Megumi, Miki and their fearless leader Mako, find immense gratification in the trouble they cause. They steal, partake in knife fights and get their rock n' roll kicks. Until their routine associations with the all male gang, The Eagles yield numerous problems.

The girls frequent affiliations with half blood Japanese men. (From Mako's friendship with handsome traveler, Kazuma who is searching for his lost sister. To Mari's current love interest, the half black and Japanese, Ichiro.) Is more then enough to entice violence. Once the gang's leader and Mako's lover, Baron decides to initiate a race war with all mixed blood Japanese after being permanently traumatized by his sister's rape at the hands of a group half-breed Japanese men.

With the repeated disrespect from the prideful, Mako. Who's gang is often spotted in the presence of Kazuma, while they attempt to aid him in his search for his sister. Baron decides to teach the girls a lesson by convincing Mako to invite her comrades to a nice little shin-dig, which turns out to be an International rape party.

This betrayal is the source of Mako's anger. And her gang of sexy delinquents have no problem sharpening their claws on Baron's band of lacky's.

"Hell hath no fury" right, boys?

In Conclusion:

There are so many wonderful things about this film. The sound track is simply amazing. (It features the 70s girl-pop group, Golden Half. Who's members are also mixed blood Japanese.)

And the fact that it manages to encompass so many things, yet still retains it's rock n' roll edge is what makes it so notably awesome. It is equally beautiful and shocking. Eye catching and political. It explores unrequited love, and the brutal aftermath of violence.

It does bum me out that this is the only film in a series of 5 Stray Cat Rock films. That is available in the US. I'll keep my fingers crossed in the meantime!

Highly recommended!

Screen Captures: (All Screen Caps are taken by me, please do not use without my permission)


Tracy Vanity said...

How do you get a hold of all these awesome obscure movies? Online or is there an awesome DVD store where you live?

Toxaemia said...

We have this used music/dvd store called Buybacks. Their selection is vast and it varies from week to week.

But, I usually use Amazon or I also recommend ( & Diabolik has a very interesting selection of adult films. From your run of the mill, to vintage and fetish porn ;)

How do you usually watch your movies btw? Do you have a region free dvd player or do you use your PC?