Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Dark Backward (1991)


Marty Malt is a garbage man with comedic aspirations, unfortunately his repertoire of unfunny jokes and awkward stage presence, lead to a less then warm reception from his audience. Not one to be discouraged, Marty still continues to pursue his dream with the encouragement from his "friend" and co-worker, the repugnant accordion player, Gus. Who when not stuffing his face with foul, inedible concoctions, indulges in his fetish for *ahem* very large women.

Their meager lives remain unchanged until the day Gus discovers a large boil on the back of Marty's neck. This boil seems harmless at first, until is starts to increase in size. And eventually an arm sprouts from it. Giving our down and out comedian the rare opportunity to use his extra extremity as a gimmick to bolster his faltering career.

Now that Marty has a little something, "extra". He is scouted by the inept talent agent, Jackie Chrome, who books Marty and Gus for a series of bizarre performances.

You'll just have to see what's in store for Dezzy the Three Armed Wonder Comic!

In Conclusion:

This movie is deranged. And even that is an understatement. Every character is covered in a sweaty sheen, in a town that might as well be another planet.
That in itself makes this film such an enjoyable viewing experience (at least for me anyway, I know this film is pretty polarizing.) It's just odd, and the humor is off-kilter and dark.

This also has to be the billionth time I've seen Bill Paxton's pasty white ass.

If you enjoy bizarre, borderline sleazy, black comedies. You should check this film out, it can be purchased for a decent price (Between 4-7$)
I personally think this film is very underrated, but if geek show weirdness isn't your bag, you might want to go elsewhere for your chucks.

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