Thursday, December 23, 2010

Her Vengeance (1988)


After having a dispute with 5 obnoxious bar patrons, Kit King is ambushed on her way home and taken to a cemetery, where she is gang raped. Her tormentors not only defile her, but one man also infects Kit with an incurable venereal disease.

When left in a bloody heap on the rain soaked earth, she discovers a lighter left by one of the men, bearing an address. And with her sister's guidance, Kit seeks employment at a bar owned by her siblings wheelchair bound ex lover, Hsiung. Who hires her as a waitress/escort, granting her more access to the gang that contaminated her.

It is here that her plans for retaliation come to fruition. But, in her quest for retribution, Kit ends up making the ultimate sacrifice...her loved ones.

The film concludes with a dramatic, blood soaked showdown between Kit, Hsiung and the remaining gang members, in Hsiung's bar which has been furnished with booby traps.

Just see who makes it out alive!

"Tooth for a tooth, vengeance must be done."

In Conclusion:

I was pretty surprised at how subdued this film was, but only after watching it did I discover online that the version of the film I purchased (Fortune Star/Joy Sales) which is a longer cut of the film (running at 85 mins) does not include some of the more violent and skin laden scenes of the Out of print, Megastar version (with a running time of 78 mins). Other footage was supplemented, to make up for what was taken out, leaving many HK film completists wanting a special edition version of the film, containing both Cat II and Cat III versions. *fingers crossed*

Does that make the film any less entertaining, absolutely not. But if you are like me and expect a super explicit film, loaded with stomach churning rape scenes that culminate with a satisfyingly violent payoff you might be disappointed, as I was.

Still I cannot deny the supreme awesomeness of Hsiung's wheelchair Kung fu! Or the creative finale.

Her Vengeance is still a very good film, I just wish that the version most commonly available did not leave out most of what makes a Cat III film so memorable, the sex and violence!

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Phantom of Pulp said...

Saw this originally uncut at the movies (Chinatown Cinema). It is a shame that its beauty (sex and violence) is so heavily scissored. Damn the gestapos of pleasure!