Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Resurrected (1992)


After receiving an inheritance from a distant relative, Charles unearths a trunk filled with
family secrets and spells. He discovers that his ancestors were faithful practitioners of
the black arts, accused for their involved in many diabolic feats. A figure of notable
fascination is his ancestor, Joseph Curwin. A known wizard, necromancer and grave robber.
Who's remains Charles discovers and uses for his research.

Already an esteemed scientist, Charles decides to recreate some of the scientific data
left to him.What his devoted wife, Catherine does not know is that the documents contain the
knowledge to re-animate the dead.

Soon after, Charles begins to devote most of his time to conducting strange experiments.
He receives cargo shipments filled with unknown contents, later found to be human and animal remains. Commitment to his research eventually begins to effect his marriage,
after Catherine grows tired of the smells and noises emitting from the guest house
he has taken up residence in.

To avoid any further conflict, Charles decides to uproot to a family property bequeathed to him along with the trunk. There he continues his explorations with the assistance of two undesirables. Notably the ominous looking, Dr. Ash.

Once in the company of his associates, Charles begins to distance himself from his wife.
His cold demeanor worries Catherine, so she enlists the aid of Private Detective,
John March, hoping that he will be able to uncover the mystery surrounding her husband's experiments.

Several days into the investigation, Catherine receives a frantic voice mail from Charles, warning her to stay away from Dr. Ash. Fearful for his life, she rushes to his laboratory with Detective March, only to find Charles a mere shell of the man she once knew. Not only are his mannerisms out of character, but he also begins to speak in an unfamiliar way.

It's safe to assume that from this point things begin to go very wrong, and malevolent dopplegangers are just a notion of what's to come.

"Is to be expected. The dead, they take much blood."


Pardon my random fit of nostalgia. This is another notable fright feature from my childhood
that I think has aged quite well.

This is a film adaptation of the H.P Lovecraft short story, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.

The scenery is moody and grey. Filled with overturned headstones, and
misshapen monstrosities that roam cold and dark catacombs waiting for fresh flesh.
The enticing Chris Sarandon also gives a really memorable performance with duel roles.
While he makes a convincing protagonist, he always truly shines as a villain.

I really do love this film. The fact that I have watched it several times in a course of a week should attest for it's greatness!

Highly recommended!

Sadly, this film is out of print. But the VHS can still be easily found for purchase.

Price: For the DVD (24-60+) VHS (5-16$)

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)

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