Thursday, April 7, 2011

Star Of David: Hunting For Beautiful Girls (1979)


Tatsuya's birth was an unfortunate result of his mother's rape. An event that transpired
graphically in front of his step-father. After he is forced to watch while his partner is ravished
by an uninvited house guest. The trauma is heightened further when his wife
begins to enjoy being violated by her aggressor. This obviously creates a rather bizarre and
destructive family dynamic.

Rather then allow himself to feel the overwhelming burden of shame. Tatsuya's step-father
prefers to subject his wife to increasingly violent acts. His savage behavior persists during
her pregnancy, and increases once Tatsuya is brought into the world. Their bed room antics
are no secret to Tatsuya.

Now as an adult, Tatsuya's seemingly collected exterior conceals his true twisted desires.
When he's not masturbating to images from the Holocaust. Or lusting after his childhood
crush, who affectionately calls him "oniisan" or "brother". He decides to act on his ideals that
are conceived with the influence of his step-father's tendencies for kink, and his real father's
insatiable murderous drive.

A deadly combination that creates a cocktail of delusion and madness when Tatsuya
decides to target beautiful and prideful women, so he can demean them and make them
his willing sex slaves.

It appears that his eyes weren't the only things Tatsuya inherited from his dear old daddy.


Despite the depravity rampant in almost every frame. There are many eye catching and
beautifully shot set pieces.

For instance, in one memorable scene. One of Tatsuya's female victims is tied up and
covered with butter. Only to have it licked off by a rather enthusiastic German Sheppard.
Talk about squirm inducing!

Even with an overwhelming misogynistic tone. I still found myself immensely enjoying this
twisted character study.

Also, Discotek always goes above and beyond in regards to packaging their films.
This title comes with a really neat reversible DVD cover, which allows the purchaser to chose
from a censored or uncensored cover. I am sure you can figure out which side I chose to display ;)

Highly recommended!

Availability: This title still appears to be in print.

Price: 17-28$

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)


Tracy Vanity said...

Those screen caps made me horny. <3

Phantom of Pulp said...

This ought to make every human being horny.

This film is a masterpiece, and it's good to see you annointing it with your attention.