Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Boxer's Omen (1983)


Chen Wai has been brutalized in a Thai boxing match, and is now paralyzed as the end result of his opponent's rage. While confined to a hospital bed, Chen Wai pleads for his brother, Chen Hung to take revenge for him by challenging his opponent, the Thai boxer, Ba Bo to a re-match.

Chen Hung finds Ba Bo gloating with a crowd of supporters. He reluctantly agrees to
another match. Giving Chen Hung 3 months to prepare for the event.

In addition, to the burden of having to defeat his brother's rival. Chen Hung is plagued by visions of a mysterious monk with extraordinary abilities. The magical apparition is found to be a well respected abbot, known as Quing Zhao.

The monk eventually leads Chen to a Buddhist Temple, where his arrival has been prophesied. Chen finds that he and the deceased Abbot, were twins in a past life. Destined to share a similar fate. Quing Zhao was killed by poisonous spiders conjured by a masterful black magician, Mai Gusu. Halting his exhaustive efforts to attain immortality.

Chen is given a chance to change fate by defeating the black magician, and is only given one option to reverse the damage already done. By becoming a Buddhist monk, infused with holy powers strong enough to defeat the evil magician. A feat that can only be attained after he renounces some of his favorite activities (I.E: sexy times)

Fun times, indeed.


It really is a shame that Chinese cinema is so frequently overshadowed. There is a delightful whimsy and derangement present in their exploitation and horror films that is distinctively their own. One minute your senses are assaulted with bloody violence that quickly crescendos to off kilter slapstick. And folklore inspired weirdness goes hand in hand with gross out, geek show exhibitions.

The possibilities for the fantastic are endless!

This film is a kaleidoscope of putrescence. Brain stews, eel vomiting and all manner of
regurgitated goodness litters the screen.With amazing sets and visuals combined with
a peculiar plot. This film is exceptionally entertaining. Definitely one of the more memorable viewing experiences I have had in the last few weeks.

Highly recommended!

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