Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Subspecies (1991)


Two young women, Michelle & Lillian, travel to Romania with intentions of researching
the local folklore. The girls meet up with a fellow classmate,Mara, who arranges for them
to board at an old bunker. A former historical site where peasants were able to fight off
an army of Turks, after making a covenant with vampires.

Not far from the bunker, rests the legendary castle Vladislas. With a centuries old family feud
contained within it's walls. Vampire brothers, Radu and his half sibling, Stephan, the progeny
of a union between their father, the king of the vampires and a mortal woman.  Both seek
possession of a legendary object, said to drip the blood of saints.
Currently the property of their father.

Radu has recently returned from exile, with vengeance on his mind.
Being that he is the eldest sibling, he believes that he is entitled to sample from the bloodstone.

While the three girls explore the ancient ruins around the Castle. They unintentionally
cross paths with the rival brothers. Stephan appears to have good intentions, along with
his feelings for Michelle.

His brother, Radu on the other hand, has other diabolical plans for them. Desiring instead
to pierce their flesh with his vicious bite, making them his consorts for all eternity.

Sounds like fun ;)


The mystical and romantic scenery compiled with the supremely haunting soundtrack by the Aman Folk Orchestra, are two reasons amongst many as to why I truly love this film.

The atmosphere is so welcoming and familiar. I want to be there amongst the ruins and
timeworn structures. I would dress as a gypsy in tattered garments and feed on
the peasants. Sharing dark catacombs with the taloned undead.

We rented this film often when I was a kid and I have not seen it since then. After picking it up for 5$ (as a triple feature with the 2 & 3 films) at Wally world. I really had to wonder how I could've gone for so long without them in my collection!

I am sure this is probably not the best incarnation of the films. The picture quality is not bad.
It's comparable to watching the original VHS tape. Which I really did not mind at all.
I am just elated to have the movies!

Very highly recommended!

Availability: A few weeks after I purchased the Echo Bridge triple feature. Full Moon
released a 20th Anniversary press for the first film, on both DVD & Blu-Ray. The sequels
also appear to be received the same treatments in the upcoming months. Which means I will
definitely be upgrading.

Price: 6-8$

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)

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