Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh (1991)


A serial killer with a fetish for power tools, turns their sights on ladies of the night.
Leaving the girl's battered bodies for the police to discover. Two detectives Joe and Sweeney
are assigned to the case.

Parts are taken from the deceased assumably for usage in bizarre rituals.
The methods in which the victims are dispatched mimics a similar series of crimes committed in another state, where Joe was once stationed. He contacts a former partner, Deke Taylor to assist in solving the case.

Using the departments money to purchase a plane ticked for his old comrade.
Only to have his daughter, Dee Dee arrive in his place, claiming that her
father had gone missing. Putting Joe and Sweeney in an unfavorable light with the already
volatile, trigger happy chief of police.

With Dee Dee's assistance, they manage to appease the Chief with the possibility
of an newly discovered suspect. A man with affiliations to the original suspect of the
first series of murders.  The man in question, Jackie Cairo has relocated to an unlawful
part of Pittsburgh, known as Egypt Town.

Where the team will have to venture to pick up the pieces.....literally.


This film marries comedy, demented characters, gore and power tools together beautifully.
I adore the overall campy charm.

This is definitely one of my favorite films of all time.

Very highly recommended.

Availability: Unfortunately, this title is long out of print. With
the VHS being the cheapest and easiest to find. While used and new
copies are available on EBAY and

Price: 30-40+  for the DVD, as for the VHS 5-25$

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)


Lorenz said...

Do you have more movies like that one, I love it...

Toxaemia said...

I do :)
I haven't reviewed any of these films, yet (Except House & Waxwork). But, if you dig the vibe of this movie. You might like these titles too.
-Ed & His Dead Mother (1993)
-Dead Heat (1988)
-Mosquito (1995)
-Waxwork (1988)
-Street Trash (1987)
-House (1986)
-How to Get Ahead In Advertising (1989)

I apologize if you happen to be familiar with any of these titles. I hope this helps ;)

Lorenz said...

Thanks my friend and no, exept of Dead heat, I've encountered none of them.
Have you ever heard of Conton? It's a direct to VHS japanese splatter. I'd love to watch it never found it though...