Monday, October 3, 2011

Twin Dolls (1994)


Episode 1:

Virginal twin sisters, Ai and Mai are the descendents of a celestial maiden.
The girls are destined to become powerful holy priestesses inheriting the dangerous
responsibility of keeping amorous demonic creatures from over taking the earth.

Their sage-like grandmother decides that it is time for the girls to partake in the
Amatsu family tradition of demon slaughtering. Promptly enrolling the sisters in an arduous
training program, and tacking on an additional task. The girls must also safeguard a pervy young boy, Onimaru who's existence is said to determine the fate of the world. This proves to be a challenging assignment, considering Onimaru's debauched compulsions and penchant for panty stealing.

With their nubile glory garnering them a bevy of male and female followers, the Amatsu twins unintentionally de-throne a former idolize classmate, Saeko. A girl who's consuming jealousy unwittingly draws the attention of a randy demon horde.

While masturbating to her own mirrored reflection. A pair of imps ravish Saeko, prior to their endowed master (Hakumouki) appearance to possess her. Hakumouki's goal is to resurrect Oniyashidoji, the master of demon beasts. Feeling that he can only do so after the pesky Amatsu sisters are killed. He uses his new sex slave, Saeko to enlist her fellow classmates for use in drawing the sisters out for an epic battle.

Episode 2:

The Amatsu twins barely manage to escape their previous demon encounter. Still clinging to their virgin whiles. Their training continues as an upcoming dance festival and archery competition looms.

Once again fellow classmates are enslaved by the newly resurrected Oniyashidoji and his minions. The demon lord transforms himself into an attractive male student. Becoming an archery rival for Ai. And attracting the devotion of Mai and her possessed female companions. Hoping to lure the impressionable girl into the perfect trap.


A majority of the sex scenes in this anime are of the non consensual variety. Usually involving some poor school girl and imp like creatures who violate their victims with bumpy horned appendages, since they lack the proper equipment to penetrate them as a normal human would.

The rest of the action is composed of masturbation, some lesbian love and a little tentacle invasion for good measure.

The animation is well done and the two main characters are beautifully drawn. I saw many similar themes with this title and another notable anime classic, Devil Hunter Yohko (1990)
Namely the inherited family curse of demon slaying and the necessity of the heroines keeping their virginity and any costs. Even if the character secretly desires sexual explorations.

This perverse feature is definitely a guilty pleasure.

The series also goes on for 4 additional episodes under the title, Twin Angels. I intend to review them at a later date.

Availability: In print

Price: 12-18$

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)


Drunketh said...

It's been a while that I've drifted into anime territory... judging by this review, It's about time I do so once again.

Phantom of Pulp said...

These look like very fine movies, and I must track them down.

An impish creature who enjoys going down on an Earth maiden?

Bless his alien heart.