Friday, February 8, 2013

Memorably Messy On-Screen Demises (06)

From the depraved SS, to corrupt and decadent oil sheiks. Ilsa certainly has a gift
for choosing allies. However, her true strengths lie with her bountiful chest, and voracious
appetite for torture and humiliation. Case and point......

Ilsa Harem Keeper Of The Oil Sheiks (1976)

After barely surviving an array of mutilations. This poor belly dancer becomes
the guinea pig for a new device called, "the love machine". An appartatus that
takes the form of a remote controlled mechanical penis.

Unfortunately, along with coaxing orgasms, this devilish contraption also brings
about a swift and messy end. Taking into account the fact that the device doubles
as an explosive device. Usually always detonated once the victim has reached
the height of pleasure.

What a way to go!

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