Monday, February 4, 2013

The Untold Story (1993)


Decomposing body parts of nameless victims have started to wash up on a beach
in Macau. Inspector Lee and his gaggle of buffoonish detective's are left to pick up
the pieces. (literally.)

Clues point the crew in the direction of Wong Chi Hang, the new owner of a
local restaurant called Eight Immortals. The police officials know little of Wong's affinity for
murdering his business associates, gambling buddies and employee's.
Their bodies he inevitably grinds up for the filling in his delicious barbequed pork buns.

After he is spotted attempting to throw away evidence, he is taken into custody,
where the inspector and his recruits try their hardest to make him confess.
And when he eventually does, the audience will experience quite a shock.
To say the least.

"I never eat barbequed pork buns, you never know what's in the filling"-Inspector Lee


I was 17 when I first saw this film. And it certainly left a memorable impression.
Along with kick starting my dual love and curiosity for fucked up Asian cinema.

The Untold Story may very well be the most notorious of all CAT III films!
Anthony Wong's portrayal of the deranged and psychotic, Wong Chi Hang earned
him his first award for Best Actor at the Hong Kong Film Festival.

This is a viewing experience you won't soon forget.
Those with an aversion to rape and explicit child murder, may want to steer clear
of this film. It will leave a nasty scar on your psyche ;)

I give it my highest recommendation!

Availability: Out of print, but copies are still floating around for purchase.

Price: 19-43$

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)

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