Monday, January 7, 2013

Naked Killer - The Director's Cut (1992)


A series of messy contract killings all employing the same methods of butchery,
continue to baffle the police. The victims nether regions enduring the brunt
of the killer's violence.

Officer Tinam's recent reinstatement after a lengthy absence due to his part
in his brother's accidental death, leaves him morose, impotent and unable to fire a gun.
Let alone hold one without vomiting.Yet despite his glaring inadequacies,
Tinam still presents himself like a well seasoned official.

Upon observing the crime scenes, Tinam strongly considers the possibility of the killer
or killers being women. While the skeptical chief of Police is not so easy to convince.
Rather than acknowledge his suggestions, he sends Tinam to the hair salon for a haircut.

While at the salon, Tinam encounters a feisty beauty named Kitty,
after she goes ballistic on one of the stylists with a pair of scissors.

Rather then arrest the fiery femme, Tinam allows her to flee the scene.
Inadvertently sparking a rather unconventional relationship between them.
Kitty being the first person to entice a certain male impulse.
Although it would seem that the turmoil in Kitty's life will make it hard for a
sustained connection or consummation.

First, Kitty's father discovers her step-mother in the arms of another man.
The ensuing scuffle between the two causes her father's death.
This of course, prompts a violent attack from Kitty, who goes to Bee's place of employment
armed to the teeth.

Kitty's zeal for violence catches the attention of another imaginative female killer,
named Sister Cindy. 

Cindy becomes Kitty's mentor, welcoming her into a hierarchy of female contract
killers. The most notable of the bunch, being Princess. A shapely executioner with
allegiance to no one, not even her maker, Sister Cindy.


Blessed with the ability to simultaneously maim and emasculate
their victims in one fail swoop. There are no damsels in distress in this film,
only beautiful women skilled in the art of butchery.
Their bodies serving as the ultimate weapon.

In my eyes this is easily one of the best girls-with-guns flicks. It's perfection.
And no one can convince me otherwise!

This over the top affair is full of wondrous exploitation goodness.
In addition to being absolutely hilarious.
Included in the mix is creative fight choreography, sleazy soundtrack, lesbian contract killers
and pervasive vulgarity. Love love love love.

Words cannot express just how overwhelmingly amazing this film is!
Very highly recommended!

Availability: The director's cut is the most complete US version,
with a running time of 93 mins. This version is also the most expensive.
Various edited, or dubbed versions with a running time of 89 mins, can be
purchased fairly cheaply.

Price: I've seen copies in various conditions going from 59$ all the way up to 144,
for the director's cut. As for the edited copies they can be picked up for about 6-10$

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)


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