Monday, January 21, 2013

The Heroic Trio (1993)


Over a period of 3 months, 18 new born baby boys have been taken from a local hospital.
What the babies parents, and the police do not know. Is that a crazed madman is having his
skilled henchmen kidnap the children. Relocating them to a bizarre underworld,
where an approaching cosmic event is said to predict which one will be the next Emperor of China.

A masked female avenger, known as "Wonder Woman", attempts to aid
the police (and her detective husband, still currently in the dark over
her crime fighting past time.) by sticking close to the hospital, hoping to prevent
further occurrences. Despite repeated confrontations with an invisible menace.

Ordered by her master to continue collecting babies, Ching, also known
as "Invisible Woman". Is the girlfriend of a brilliant scientist, currently in the
process of completing his invisibility robe. An item Ching has no problem pilfering
on occasion, for usage in her keeper's devious schemes.

Sadly, the closer her lover gets to finishing his beloved project.
The more Ching is advised to end his life. That assigned task being the most
difficult for her to complete.

Amongst a landscape already abundant with drama. Another female warrior appears
to aid the police during a hostage situation. Offering her skills and abilities for a price.
This woman, known as "Thief Catcher", specializes in explosives and her most prized
possession is her motorcycle.

These three women all have dubious pasts linking them together.
After repeated confrontations and devastating scenarios, there is a shift in alliances.
And the trio decide to work together to stop the evil plaguing the city.

Let the ass kicking commence!


Personal turmoil and revolving allegiances interweave beautifully with
high flying action, and rampant children-in-peril scenarios. Adding punch to
an already unusual plot.

I was shocked on numerous occasions with this film's frequent and surprisingly
cruel situations involving babies and young children. It's definitely boundary
pushing and extremely impactful.

As for our three beautiful heroines, they add real magic to the screen.
Especially,  Anita Mui as "Wonder Woman", she is undoubtedly my favorite.

Anthony Wong also deserves honorable praise for his memorably deranged
screen presence, and bird-cage weapon. Which allows him to
promptly behead his opponents.

What can I say, this film is absolutely amazing!

Availability: My version, the Tai Seng press from 98 (which is the only US subtitled version)
is out of print. Yet, still available. While edited and dubbed pressings
from Miramax and now apparently, Echo Bridge. Are easier and cheaper to procure.

Price: For a good/very good copy of the Tai Seng press (7-19$)
for a like new to new copy (24-50$) For the dubbed versions (2-6$)

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)

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