Tuesday, January 29, 2013

White Slaves of Chinatown (1964)


Young women are kidnapped, tormented (haha), and eventually brainwashed to do a
crime syndicate's bidding. Whether as a drug pusher or a flesh peddler, the women
are trained by sadist Olga to serve and obey.

Housed in a nondescript building hidden amongst the shops in China town.
The girls are trained in various acts that would aid in securing capital for the syndicate's
lawless ambitions.

With many similarities to Reefer Madness (1936), this feature resembles a drug
propaganda film more then any sexploitation romp. Scenes of lite bondage, nudity
and implied lesbianism make this a notable landmark in Cinema trash.


Before the ample busted Ilsa there was Olga, lesbian vice queen and mistress
of debauchery, featured in several films of varying greatness. Notable for it's frequent
scenarios involving shapely women in uncomfortable and illegal situations.

These films mean a considerable deal to me. Olga who is played by Ohio
native, Audrey Campbell. Made considerable contributions to exploitation cinema,
being that she was featured in some of the very first cinema roughies.

These films, while a bit hokey and dated, I think would be timeless entertainment for
any fan of the darker side of cinema.

I will be reviewing the rest of the series in the upcoming weeks :)

Availability: This title is in print. However, newer pressings of this film collective
are DVD-Rs manufactured on demand. Opposed to my copy purchased in 2003, which
is just a regular DVD. I wonder if the DVD-R comes with the same interview booklet
like the first pressing? Hmmmm.

Price: Dvd represses (10-15$) The out of print original (34$+)

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