Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Blue Jean Monster (1991)


An iniquitous fortune from a Buddhist temple spells bad news for Officer Tsu,
self proclaimed man with "9 lives".

After receiving a tip off for a burglary in progress, Tsu arrives at the scene
just as the offenders are about to depart, suitcase of cash in hand.
Completed by a screaming female hostage.

A chase ensues, leading to an old construction site.
Tsu's persistence allows for the thieves' hostage Gucci to escape with their loot.
Sadly, his tenacity does not work in his favor, and he is killed by falling debri.
But, being that this is not your run-of-the-mill action flick.
His body is re-animated by lightning and curiously enough, a cat.

Unsure if he's alive or a ghost, Tsu's body is impervious to pain,
even if it still sustains damage. His indicated abilities are only good for a short time, before he has to zap himself with high voltage electricity.

Conscious of the fact that his time is limited, Tsu's final wishes are to witness
the birth of his son, along with catching the bad guys responsible for his death.
Despite repeat misunderstandings with his pregnant wife, making his life more complicated.
Tsu has something in his favor. His proximity to the current
holder of the gang's plunderage, Gucci.


Prepare yourself for an electrifying, implant rupturing good time!
This film definitely delivers with it's unconventional plot, sick humor
and boundary pushing action scenes.

The sense of danger is certainly heightened when a real baby is used during
some intense moments. Also, the subtitles are far from politically correct.

These things and a multitude of others, contributed to my immense enjoyment of this film.

Availability:  Yesasia appears to have this title available on DVD. I'm sure it
can also be unearthed elsewhere with a little digging. Or there's ebay.
That's where I snagged my copy ;)

Price: 9-13$

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)

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